Package java.lang.module.spi

Interface Summary
ServiceLocator.Factory A factory for new service instances.

Class Summary
Configuration Module system configuration service.
Configuration.Default The default Configuration implementation.
ConnectionCoordinator This class coordinates import resolution for and across ModuleArchive instances, ensuring that cyclic imports do not result in deadlock.
ConnectionCoordinator.Default A ConnectionCoordinator that initializes connections on a single private thread to prevent deadlocks due to import cycles.
EventDispatcher Event dispatcher.
EventListener Event listeners.
ExportList<T extends Export> A list of Export instances that can be retrieved using an ExportMatcher or by name and scope.
ImportConstraint This class represents an abstract constraint over the domain of all candidate imports.
ImportSpace A ClassSpace that provides a view onto a set of imported ClassSpaces, one per package, that meet a specified set of constraints.
Launcher A module launcher.
Logger A logging utility class for use with static imports.
ModuleClassLoader A ClassLoader for one or more connected ModuleArchives.
ModuleInfo Low level accessor for module-info.class file data.
ModuleState This class is a state machine that attempts to convert the passive imports of a ModuleArchive instance into a set of active connections to ClassSpace delegates, one per package name, and to create a new Module instance from them.
PackageConnection This class represents the connection between a package consumer and a ClassSpace that will satisfy it for a specific package name.
PackageConstraint An ImportConstraint for the domain of all candidate ModuleArchive instances for a single package name.
SearchSequence A SearchPolicy over a list of repositories.
ServiceLocator A ServiceSpace.Locator that uses ClassSpace.getServiceProviders(String) to find service implementations.
SharedState A holder for state that is shared by a set of archives that must share a ClassLoader.
SharesDependentPackages A COMMIT phase PackageConstraintthat visits all dependencies, recursively, and finds a common candidate for each export that declares a package dependency.
Streams Utilities for reading and writing streams.
Streams.In A DataInputStream that supports archive types.
Streams.Out A DataOutputStream that supports archive types.

Enum Summary
ImportConstraint.Phase The phase of the domain.
ModuleState.State The state of this state machine.


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