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Packages that use Matcher

Uses of Matcher in java.lang.module

Classes in java.lang.module that implement Matcher
 class AttributeMatcher
          A Matcher for AttributeSources.
 class ExportMatcher
          A ScopedName used to match against Export instances.
 class Import
          An ExportMatcher with an access qualifier that is tied to a specific ModuleArchive.
 class ModuleQuery
          A ModuleArchive Matcher that can be composed into boolean expression trees.
 class ServiceType<T>
          An ExportMatcher that describes a service interface.
 class Version
          A canonical, syntax agnostic version number type that supports ordered comparison.
 class VersionList
          A composite Version Matcher.
 class VersionRange
          A syntax agnostic Version range and Matcher

Fields in java.lang.module declared as Matcher
static Matcher<Version> Import.ANY_VERSION
          A version matcher that will match any version.
protected  Matcher<Version> ExportMatcher.versionMatcher

Methods in java.lang.module that return Matcher
 Matcher<java.lang.Class<T>> ServiceType.getServiceMatcher()
          Returns the service matcher.
 Matcher<Version> ExportMatcher.getVersionMatcher()
          Returns the version matcher.
abstract  Matcher<Version> ModuleSystem.parseVersionExpression(java.lang.String versionExpression)
          Parses the string argument as a version expression from a format supported by this ModuleSystem.

Methods in java.lang.module with parameters of type Matcher
static ModuleQuery ModuleQuery.exportsPackage(java.lang.String packageName, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher)
          Returns a ModuleQuery that tests for an exported package, with optional version matching.
static ModuleQuery ModuleQuery.moduleNameAndVersionMatch(java.lang.String moduleName, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher)
          Returns a ModuleQuery that matches a module name and a version, version range or version list.
static ModuleQuery ModuleQuery.versionMatches(Matcher<Version> version)
          Returns a ModuleQuery that matches a version, version range or version list.

Constructors in java.lang.module with parameters of type Matcher
ExportMatcher(ScopedName.Scope scope, java.lang.String name, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher)
ExportMatcher(ScopedName.Scope scope, java.lang.String name, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher, AttributeMatcher attributeMatcher)
Import(Import.Access access, ScopedName.Scope scope, java.lang.String name, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher, AttributeMatcher attributeMatcher, ModuleArchive importer)
          Constructs an instance.
ServiceType(java.lang.Class<T> serviceType, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher)
ServiceType(java.lang.Class<T> serviceType, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher, AttributeMatcher attributeMatcher)
ServiceType(java.lang.Class<T> serviceType, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher, AttributeMatcher attributeMatcher, Matcher<java.lang.Class<T>> serviceMatcher)
ServiceType(java.lang.Class<T> serviceType, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher, AttributeMatcher attributeMatcher, Matcher<java.lang.Class<T>> serviceMatcher)
ServiceType(ServiceType.ParameterizedClass<T> serviceType, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher)
ServiceType(ServiceType.ParameterizedClass<T> serviceType, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher, AttributeMatcher attributeMatcher)
ServiceType(ServiceType.ParameterizedClass<T> serviceType, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher, AttributeMatcher attributeMatcher, Matcher<java.lang.Class<T>> serviceMatcher)
ServiceType(ServiceType.ParameterizedClass<T> serviceType, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher, AttributeMatcher attributeMatcher, Matcher<java.lang.Class<T>> serviceMatcher)
VersionList(Matcher<Version>... matchers)
          Construct a VersionList from the specified version matchers.

Constructor parameters in java.lang.module with type arguments of type Matcher
VersionList(java.util.List<Matcher<Version>> matchers)
          Construct a VersionList from the specified version matchers.

Uses of Matcher in java.lang.module.spi.query

Classes in java.lang.module.spi.query that implement Matcher
 class And
          A boolean ModuleQuery that matches if both left and right match.
 class AttributeEquals
          A ModuleQuery that tests whether or not an attribute exists in a ModuleArchive and that the values are equal.
 class AttributeExists
          A ModuleQuery that tests whether or not a given attribute exists in a ModuleArchive.
 class Binary
          An abstract ModuleQuery that matches two other ModuleQuery instances.
 class Exports
          A ModuleQuery that tests if an archive provides a specified export.
 class Indexable<T extends ModuleQuery>
          A ModuleQuery Matcher that remembers the first matching instance and supports invalidation.
 class ModuleReference
          An Exports that is constrained to ScopedName.Scope.MODULE.
 class Not
          A ModuleQuery the inverts the result of another.
 class Or
          A boolean ModuleQuery that matches if either left or right match.
 class Unary
          An abstract ModuleQuery that modifies the result of another instance.
 class VersionMatches
          A ModuleQuery that matches the Version returned by a ModuleArchive.

Methods in java.lang.module.spi.query that return Matcher
 Matcher<Version> VersionMatches.getVersionMatcher()
          Returns the version matcher.

Constructors in java.lang.module.spi.query with parameters of type Matcher
ModuleReference(java.lang.String moduleName, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher)
          Constructs an instance with the specified name and version.
ModuleReference(java.lang.String moduleName, Matcher<Version> versionMatcher, AttributeMatcher attributeMatcher)
          Constructs an instance with the specified name, version and attribute matchers.
VersionMatches(Matcher<Version> versionMatcher)


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