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Uses of ExportMatcher in java.lang.module

Subclasses of ExportMatcher in java.lang.module
 class Import
          An ExportMatcher with an access qualifier that is tied to a specific ModuleArchive.
 class ServiceType<T>
          An ExportMatcher that describes a service interface.

Methods in java.lang.module with parameters of type ExportMatcher
static ModuleQuery ModuleQuery.exports(ExportMatcher exportMatcher)
          Returns a ModuleQuery that tests for an export.
abstract  Export ModuleArchive.getExport(ExportMatcher matcher)
          Returns the first Export matching the specified matcher.
abstract  java.util.List<? extends Export> ModuleArchive.getExports(ExportMatcher matcher)
          Returns all Exports matching the specified matcher.
 boolean ModuleArchive.hasExport(ExportMatcher matcher)
          Returns true if this ModuleArchive has a matching Export.

Uses of ExportMatcher in java.lang.module.spi

Methods in java.lang.module.spi with parameters of type ExportMatcher
 boolean ExportList.contains(ExportMatcher matcher)
          Returns true if this list has an entry that matches the specified matcher.
 T ExportList.get(ExportMatcher matcher)
          Returns the first entry that matches the specified matcher or null if none.
 java.util.List<T> ExportList.getAll(ExportMatcher matcher)
          Returns all entries that match the specified matcher.

Uses of ExportMatcher in java.lang.module.spi.query

Methods in java.lang.module.spi.query that return ExportMatcher
 ExportMatcher Exports.getExportMatcher()
          Returns the export matcher..

Constructors in java.lang.module.spi.query with parameters of type ExportMatcher
Exports(ExportMatcher matcher)


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