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Packages that use Export

Uses of Export in java.lang.module

Methods in java.lang.module that return Export
abstract  Export ModuleArchive.getExport(ExportMatcher matcher)
          Returns the first Export matching the specified matcher.
abstract  Export ModuleArchive.getExport(ScopedName.Scope scope, java.lang.String name)
          Returns the first Export matching the specified scope and name.

Methods in java.lang.module that return types with arguments of type Export
abstract  java.util.List<? extends Export> ModuleArchive.getExports()
          Returns the direct exports of this ModuleArchive.
abstract  java.util.List<? extends Export> ModuleArchive.getExports(ExportMatcher matcher)
          Returns all Exports matching the specified matcher.

Methods in java.lang.module with parameters of type Export
 boolean ExportMatcher.matches(Export export)
          Returns true if the this selector matches the specified export.

Uses of Export in java.lang.module.spi

Classes in java.lang.module.spi with type parameters of type Export
 class ExportList<T extends Export>
          A list of Export instances that can be retrieved using an ExportMatcher or by name and scope.


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