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Packages that use ConnectionError

Uses of ConnectionError in java.lang.module

Methods in java.lang.module that return ConnectionError
 ConnectionError ModuleArchive.getError()
          Returns the error if this Module failed during initialization.

Methods in java.lang.module that throw ConnectionError
abstract  ResourceSpace ModuleSystem.resolve(ModuleInfo moduleInfo)
          Build a ResourceSpace from the ModuleInfo to provide access to all imported resources.

Uses of ConnectionError in java.lang.module.spi

Methods in java.lang.module.spi that return ConnectionError
 ConnectionError ModuleState.getError()
          Get the error if this ModuleState is in State.FAILED.

Methods in java.lang.module.spi with parameters of type ConnectionError
static void EventDispatcher.fireModuleCreationFailed(ModuleArchive archive, ConnectionError error)
 void EventListener.LifeCycle.onModuleCreationFailed(ModuleArchive archive, ConnectionError error)
protected  void ModuleState.setFailed(ConnectionError failure)
          Set state to FAILED with the specified failure.

Method parameters in java.lang.module.spi with type arguments of type ConnectionError
protected  ModuleArchive PackageConstraint.apply(ModuleArchive candidate, java.util.List<ConnectionError> errors)
          Apply the constraint to the specified candidate.
protected  void PackageConstraint.assertValidDomain(java.util.List<? extends ModuleArchive> domain, java.lang.String packageName, java.util.List<ConnectionError> errors, ModuleArchive importer)
          Assert that the domain is not empty.


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