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Packages that use ClassSpace

Uses of ClassSpace in java.lang.module

Subclasses of ClassSpace in java.lang.module
 class Module
          This ClassSpace represents a fully initialized module that can load classes and resources.

Methods in java.lang.module that return ClassSpace
abstract  ClassSpace ClassSpace.getPackageProvider(java.lang.String packageName)
          Returns the ClassSpace that provides the specified package.

Uses of ClassSpace in java.lang.module.spi

Subclasses of ClassSpace in java.lang.module.spi
 class ImportSpace
          A ClassSpace that provides a view onto a set of imported ClassSpaces, one per package, that meet a specified set of constraints.

Methods in java.lang.module.spi that return ClassSpace
 ClassSpace PackageConnection.getClassSpace()
          Returns the ClassSpace that is the endpoint of this connection.
protected  ClassSpace PackageConnection.getConnection()
          Returns a ClassSpace to use for this connection.
protected  ClassSpace ModuleClassLoader.getImports()
 ClassSpace ImportSpace.getPackageProvider(java.lang.String packageName)
          Returns the ClassSpace that provides the specified package.

Methods in java.lang.module.spi with parameters of type ClassSpace
protected abstract  java.lang.ClassLoader SharedState.createLoader(ClassSpace imports, java.util.List<? extends ModuleArchive> members)
          Creates a ClassLoader to be shared by the composite members.
static void EventDispatcher.fireClassDefined(ClassSpace space, java.lang.Class cls)
static void EventDispatcher.fireClassError(ClassSpace space, java.lang.String className, java.lang.Throwable error)
static void EventDispatcher.fireClassFound(ClassSpace space, java.lang.Class cls)
static void EventDispatcher.firePackageDefined(ClassSpace space, java.lang.Package pkg)
 void EventListener.Search.onClassDefined(ClassSpace space, java.lang.Class cls)
 void EventListener.Search.onClassError(ClassSpace space, java.lang.String className, java.lang.Throwable error)
 void EventListener.Search.onClassFound(ClassSpace space, java.lang.Class cls)
 void EventListener.Search.onPackageDefined(ClassSpace space, java.lang.Package pkg)
protected  void ModuleClassLoader.setImports(ClassSpace imports)

Constructors in java.lang.module.spi with parameters of type ClassSpace
ModuleClassLoader(ClassSpace imports, java.util.List<ModuleArchive> archives, java.util.List<ModuleResources> resources)
          Constructs an instance for the specified module archives and resources.
ModuleClassLoader(ClassSpace imports, ModuleArchive... archives)
          Constructs an instance for the specified module archives.


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