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Packages that use AttributeSource

Uses of AttributeSource in java.lang.module

Subclasses of AttributeSource in java.lang.module
 class AttributeMatcher
          A Matcher for AttributeSources.
 class Export
          A versioned ScopedName with dependent packages that is tied to a specific ModuleArchive.
 class ExportMatcher
          A ScopedName used to match against Export instances.
 class Import
          An ExportMatcher with an access qualifier that is tied to a specific ModuleArchive.
 class ModuleArchive
          This class represents the data, both metadata and resources, of a module stored in a ModuleRepository.
 class ScopedName
          An AttributeSource whose name is meaningful only within a specified scope.
 class ServiceType<T>
          An ExportMatcher that describes a service interface.

Methods in java.lang.module with parameters of type AttributeSource
abstract  boolean AttributeMatcher.matches(AttributeSource target)
          Tests if the specified target matches this instance.


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